Which Sportsbook has the Quickest Payouts?

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With the 2017-2018 NFL Season to kick off just a few months away, you might be wondering which sportsbook processes the quickest payouts?

Without a doubt, Bovada is one of the quickest paying sportsbooks available to Americans. Those outside of the US may want to consider Bodog, as the two entities are owned by the same groups.

Bovada processes payouts on demand and it is not uncommon to receive a check by courier just a few days after you request it on the website. If you wish to get a bank wire, this withdrawal will show up in your checking account in about 7 business days.

Quickest Sportsbook Payouts

Bovada also processes withdrawals using Bitcoin, which can requested every 5 days. Withdrawal limits are $9,500 per withdrawal, however, those who use Bitcoin can get their withdrawals deposited instantly into their Bitcoin wallet in just 15 minutes.

Bovada’s innovative implementation of Bitcoin makes it one of these best casinos to use in terms of quickly withdrawing your money. To make things even better, Bovada is offering a 20% bonus for those who deposit using Bitcoin.

Other online casinos may process withdrawals from Bitcoin in the same fashion, but without a doubt, Bovada is the most recognizable and trusted online casino that is designed for those residing in the USA.

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