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New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams Odds

Updated as of Sunday, February 3rd, 2019: The Super Bowl is finally here and Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots are getting ready to battle for the Lombardi Trophy. Today we will cover all there is to know about New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams odds. Also, complete Super Bowl LIII wagering lines next.

Traditionally players save their trash talk for media day, but the Rams and Patriots are already taking shots at each other.

During their rally before they departed for Atlanta, Patriots’ safety Patrick Chung told the crowd of over 35,000 fans that the Patriots were “gonna go out there and kick their ass, baby!”

Not to be outdone, Rams’ cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman, who played for the Buffalo Bills for four years before signing with the Rams last season, told reporters he hated the Patriots.

“I’ve got Buffalo blood running through my veins, so you know I hate these guys,” Robey-Coleman told the website. “I naturally hate them. I never liked New England.”

Super Bowl LIII Wagering

New England Patriots Los Angeles Rams Odds

Robey-Coleman didn’t stop there, he added some more fuel to the fire, telling reporters that age had taken a toll on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

“Age has definitely taken a toll. For him to still be doing it, that’s a great compliment for him. But I think that he’s definitely not the same quarterback he was,” Robey-Coleman told Bleacher Report. “Movement. Speed. Velocity. Arm strength. He still can sling it, but he’s not slinging it as much. Whatever he was doing — because of his age and all that — he’s not doing as much of that anymore. He’s still doing the same things; he’s just not doing as much of it. And sometimes, it’s not the sharpest. But it still gets done.”

What does this mean for New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams odds next!

With Brady already claiming nobody believed they would make it to the Super Bowl despite being the preseason favorites to win it, Robey-Coleman might just have given the Patriots added motivation to win the Super Bowl, which should definitely make things interesting when they take the field on Sunday.

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