Could Super Bowl 2015 Be A Repeat

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Many sports pundits are predicting a repeat of last year’s Super Bow for Superbowl XLIX. The Seattle Seahawks betting odds to win Super Bowl 2015 are the lowest of any team in the league because Seattle has returned most of its players back from the team that took the title last season. While it might look on paper like Seattle will have no trouble at all returning to the big game and triumphing in Super Bowl XLIX, that feat is much easier said than done. Super Bowl repeats are rare, and Seattle will have many obstacles to overcome along the way.

The first challenge for Seattle to repeat and win Super Bowl 2015 is simply staying healthy. Injuries can derail even the best teams, and Seattle was fortunate to play a Denver team in the Super Bowl last season that had been decimated by injuries. Should something happen along the way to Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, or even a key member of the defense like Thomas or Sherman, the Seahawks might suddenly find themselves looking at an uphill battle.

Superbowl Repeat

The other key for Seattle to win Super Bowl 2015 is to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Seattle is one of the loudest and most difficult places for visiting teams to play in all of the NFL, so making sure the NFC playoffs have to go through Seattle will be a key. Thanks to strong in-division challenges from the 49ers and the Cardinals, the Seahawks will have their work cut out for them just to retain the top seed again this season. However, if they are able to do just that, they will be the obvious favorite to win Super Bowl XLIX.

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